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As a professional copy writer, radio news journalist and print journalist, I understand media needs and protocols from an insider’s vantage point. Having received many poorly crafted media advisories and news releases, I know what’s needed to create effective, informative media communication. Don’t assign a reluctant staffer to write it for you. Let a professional get it right the first time.


Media Relations Coaching

There is no need to be terrified of being misquoted or made to look foolish by the media if you know how to respond properly. I have conducted thousands of interviews as a news reporter and talk-show host, over the course of my career. I can coach you  on how convey your key messages smoothly and effectively.


Crises Management

Murphy’s law says- “what can go wrong will go wrong.” It’s not a matter of if something unexpected, unfortunate, tragic, or even disastrous will happen, it’s when. Know how to react and respond appropriately and effectively through crises management training. Be ready to deal with adversity effectively through one-on-one or group training sessions.



Having no promotions or advertising budget doesn’t mean you can’t attract publicity. If you or your organization has a compelling story to share with the greater community, there’s likely a way to generate publicity through social or traditional media.  Don’t sit back and wonder why you’re not in the news. Take a proactive, targeted approach and drive more hits to all of your social media platforms or maybe even land a photo in a print publication or a spot on TV. Get the publicist who’s been in the media trenches to give you a hand.


Training and Workshops

If public speaking has always been your worst nightmare, it doesn't have to be that way anymore.  Whether it be learning how to navigate your way through a media scrum or simply how to better express yourself in a speech, we can give you the tools to make it less painful. If it's still not your thing, we can effectively convey the message for you.




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