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My career in radio began decades ago first as an advertising copywriter, followed by a lengthy career in news which now also extends into print. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing people from all walks of life including, a rocket scientist, Prime Ministers, a member of the Kennedy clan, countless numbers of well-known entertainers and many everyday but extraordinary people with a story to tell or a key message to convey. As a media insider, I understand first-hand what it takes to write an effective media release or advisory and how to make sure it gets through the right channels. My copywriting background and public relations training have also given me the skills to craft brochure content, blogs, features and straight up hard news articles.

We’ve all seen the hot water people can get themselves into with a curt “no comment,” when crises strikes and reporters want answers.  We are fortunate to have a free press in this country. Although it may seem the media seeks to catch people out, they’re not the enemy.  As a media insider with training in public relations, I can help you acquire the skills to face a scrum or a personal interview confidently. Round Table Public Relations offers one-on-one or group training sessions in media relations coaching and crises management. 

Although most of my career has been spent in radio, my acting background has meant stints in television, movies and on stage giving my work added dimension. Need a particular read, a funny voice, a narrator for your next documentary or industrial video, or a Master or should it be Mistress of ceremonies?  Have a listen to some of my audio work.

 It’s a round table. Let’s sit down and work out a plan for your communication needs.


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